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I have bought magic tricks from a number of magic dealers over the years. One magic dealer I bought from recently really surprised me.

Magicshop.co.uk was reasonably priced and the products I ordered arrived within just a couple of days. If you are looking to buy magic tricks, then click on the banner below to check them out!


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What could be more International, than an American TV show presided over by an Israeli who lives in England, being filmed in Germany for a Dutch station, featuring a Dutch magician performing Indian Magic? It sure does bring a joy to ones heart.

Well - kind of. Actually 'Phenomenon' is more of a televisual fight to the death (Wands at Dawn?) between contenders for the crown of Top Mind Magician. It originally ran in the US, on primetime but to mixed reception.

More info available at http://mindwriter-magic.blogspot.com/