UnicornCam FAQ


What is UnicornCam?
UnicornCam is a live camera set up in a location where unicorns have been known to appear.

Who should use UnicornCam?
Anyone looking for a bit of magic.

What do I do?
It’s simple—look for unicorns. If you’re lucky enough to see one, click the camera button while the unicorn is on screen. The photo will be added to your gallery. There are 9 distinct unicorns. Try to complete your gallery by taking photos of all of them.

I’ve been watching for a while and I still haven’t seen a unicorn. Help!
Be patient, magic isn’t predictable. And unicorns like to keep people guessing.

Will UnicornCam remember which unicorns I’ve seen if I stop watching?
Yes! Your photos will be saved in your gallery for the next time you return to UnicornCam.

How much does UnicornCam cost?
UnicornCam is 100% free—no ads, no in-app purchases. (Because unicorns don’t like those things.) Available for iOS only.

I heard there’s a book?
Do You Believe in Unicorns is a picture book by author/illustrator Bethanie Murguia. It was the inspiration for UnicornCam and is the perfect companion to the app. Learn more about the book.

My gallery is full. What now?
Congratulations! You’re an expert unicorn spotter. You have the option of resetting the game and starting over again with the gallery. Or, now that you’re an expert, you can head out into the real world to look for unicorns and magic.

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