An incident at the lab

Fact: Reawakening?? I had no idea what they were going on about. The page was blank.

Fact: I brought the book into the lab tent for date testing, prepared the samples, and began the process that would take at least twenty-four hours.

Fact: I was exhausted and went to my tent. I slept with the book by my side, occasionally waking during the night to confirm that it hadn’t disappeared.

Question: Was I paranoid after the disappearance of the skeleton? I can answer that. Yes.

Fact: When I arrived at the lab this next morning, nearly everything had been ransacked—papers, files, tools, equipment all had been tossed around the room.

Fact: After Elementa, Indigo, and I put things back in place, we seemed to be missing only a small bag of diamonds we’d brought inside for testing.

I felt quite fortunate, quite relieved that the book and my equipment were still with us. And the samples for the date testing were undisturbed in the corner. I could tell that Indigo was still feeling uneasy, though.