Another "incident"

Isaac doesn’t want to recount all of last night’s events here, but I think it’s important to have a record.

I was on edge after the lab break in. At various moments yesterday, I found myself whirling around to check the landscape behind me. I’m sure I looked quite ridiculous. I never saw anything. Even so, I slept fitfully.

It was Isaac who should have been uneasy, though.

He awoke in the dark to realize he wasn’t alone in his tent. Someone was attempting to pull the book from Isaac’s bed. Isaac and the person fell to the floor, writhing and wrestling for control of the book. It was Isaac who won—the other person fell backwards, grunted as he hit the floor, and then scrambled out of the tent. Isaac couldn’t see much in the darkness outside. He heard footsteps receding, followed by quiet. Then, in the distance, he made out the sound of a vehicle engine starting and driving away. Before long, everything was silent again.

As Isaac tells it, even though he couldn’t see the man at all, the grunt he heard was more than enough to identify the intruder.