Believing in magic

Not surprisingly, I couldn’t sleep after the incident in my tent, so I went to the lab to check the results of the test. I’m not sure what was more unbelievable—that Shufflebottom had followed me to Siberia or the age of the book.

Fact: The date testing revealed the book to be roughly 4.56 billion years old. As old as, well, you know by now—as old as the solar system. As old as the stars themselves.

This is a find of such significance that I am overwhelmed. It feels beyond science.

Fact: I’m beginning to believe in magic, especially when I consider Elementa’s cards and Indigo’s art, the note to dig deeper, and now, this book we raised from the depths.

Fact: I looked at the book again. I opened it carefully, and this time, with the moon overhead, I saw the words.

Above, a lone meteor streaked across the sky. I ran to wake Elementa and Indigo.