How strange it was to meet two people who felt like strangers and best friends at the same time.

Indigo mentioned that she had the uncomfortable sensation of being followed through the airport in Siberia by a tall, thin man with nervous eyes and a most unpleasant expression. I joked that it sounded like Shufflebottom. But, we wasted very little time on chitchat.

Fact: We dug deeper in the original site for an entire day and found nothing.

Fact: We awoke the next day and did the same thing. Late that afternoon, the rock began to change consistency. That’s when we realized that we were unearthing diamonds.

Question: Were the diamonds a clue?

Fact: Over dinner, everyone was quiet. You’ve never seen a group of people so unhappy about finding diamonds. (Okay, maybe that second sentence isn’t exactly a fact. I’m not sure I can prove it, but it certainly felt that way.)

Fact: The next day, we continued on. Just after lunch, Indigo’s digging revealed the corner of a book.

This had to be a clue.