What to make of these anonymous images? Why are there so many unicorns appearing?

I was in the garden this morning when Elementa’s note about dormancy came to mind. Isaac, this may even interest you. Seeds can wait a long time to germinate—2,000 years long. Can you imagine waiting 2,000 years for the right conditions? Animals, too, sometimes wait for the right conditions—bears in hibernation, dormant insects, and certain kinds of frogs that stay frozen for up to six months.

Hypothesis (this is for you, Isaac): Unicorns went into dormancy when they were being hunted for their horns.

Oh, and no matter what I put in front of myself to paint, the horses continue to appear. Yesterday, I chose three feathers. What came out of my paintbrush? Not feathers. More horses. But not with hats, exactly. Instead, with bird nests, and birds, and bird feathers, and even birdhouses on their heads, just as I had suggested in my last note! And this time, I painted with iridescent colors—paint I didn’t even realize I had in my studio until I pulled it from the back of my cupboard, as if in a trance.