From my library

Maybe what you saw was not a mammal at all. Now that would be quite a discovery—to find an entirely new branch of evolution.

 I’ve been consulting my own personal library of modern and ancient texts about magic in all its forms. I found disappointingly little in the way of answers. Just more questions.

A few of the ancient books mentioned using unicorn horns in incantations. One book spoke of a “first unicorn with great and enduring power”. And a book from the early 1700s suggested that hunting unicorns for their horns might have led to their “extinction or dormancy”.

Dormancy? What an interesting choice of words. I turned the page and found a diagram of a prism creating a rainbow. And next to it, a diagram of a unicorn. But no text. I was pondering that when one of the crystals in my window caught the afternoon sun. On the opposite wall, a rainbow appeared. Can that be a coincidence?