The beginning

After many years of finding myself in the news for my discoveries and contributions to the field of paleontology, I now find myself disgraced.


Fact: On August 21, 2017, my whole world changed.
Who: Professor Isaac Digby (me)
Where: On a dig in Siberia
What: I unearthed unusual remains, very unusual remains—a spiral horn and a skeleton that resembled a horse. It appeared to be a unicorn. But as soon as I had that thought, the skeleton and horn disappeared.
Why: I do not know. I have no hypothesis.

Fact: Colleagues have responded with mild amusement or outright ridicule. Edmund Shufflebottom, Director, President, and Chief of The Society of Scientists (also my employer), reminded me that The Society requires evidence-based research, not fictional storytelling.

 Fact: I do not believe in unicorns.

 Fact: I can’t forget the skeleton. For months now, I’ve had trouble thinking of anything else.

Question: Can anyone out there help me?