The unicorn

I awoke to Isaac knocking on my tent. He was beside himself with glee. And talking very quickly. He had seen the writing inside the book! The book was 4.56 billion years old! It was magic! And he had seen the writing! And there was a meteor! And…

When I asked him to slow down, I finally understood—the age of the book had left him no choice but to believe in magic. He had eliminated all other options in his mind. And as soon as he believed, the writing appeared.

“Elementa, I saw a meteor!” Isaac exclaimed.

With all of the drama around Shufflebottom and the book, I had completely forgotten about the Draconids meteor shower. Another celestial event! Without taking any time to explain, we roused Indigo from her sleeping bag and all ran to the original site.

There, we waited, quietly oohing and ahhing as the shooting stars appeared.

And then, after one particularly bright meteor, we saw the glowing form of a unicorn, just on the other side of our giant hole. We all saw it.

And, it saw us. The unicorn looked in our direction, paused for a moment, then galloped off toward the horizon—and jumped into the sky.

Another meteor streaked across the heavens.

“Did that unicorn just wink?” asked Isaac.
I nodded, unable to speak.